Monday, 10 April 2017

Mozillian Coffee Day

A normal Sunday it was seemed to be, but just an unexpected phone call turned the day interesting.
The phone call was from Mozilla representative from Rajasthan Mr. Shahbaz Alam.
       We all gathered at CCD and surprised to see few new faces. It was a proud and a learning moment for me as when I saw the courage and zeal of the girls from Mozilla MITS Laxamgarh to come to Jaipur to attend a session.
The session had many objectives:
1. A meet up after so long along with coffee.
2. Updates about college club.
3. Renovating the club with a new start and approach.
4. Discussion on Web VR and A-FRame.
5. How to actively contribute Mozilla and get recognised.
6.  Many new Mozilla technologies such as test pilot.
        This session was a boost up for all of us to do good work and stay connected and motivated.
The end was with a yummy lunch and some cranky jokes.I completely enjoyed my day and wish to do great work with all of them.
A group selfie is must to rejoice every moment spend together. A quote too clicked in my mind,"Become like a bird, expand your wings, learn new things and fly high as you can!!!"

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